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Traxxas Bandit Air Splitter

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This is a functional air splitter for the Traxxas Bandit. It will also fit the Traxxas 2WD Rustler but will require running front wheels from the Bandit. This splitter can be adjusted to produce significant down force to keep the bandit on the ground at high speed. It works best when used with a more aggressive rear wing. It is recommended to lower the ride height when using this splitter. MATERIAL: CARBON FIBER NYLON 3D PRINTED WING For additional mounting hardware you will need: Two 3X32mm screw (ONE - TRAXXAS PART NUMBER 3964) Four 3X20mm screw (ONE - TRAXXAS PART NUMBER 2580) Two 105mm turn buckle (ONE - TRAXXAS PART NUMBER 2339) Four tall hallow balls (ONE - TRAXXAS PART NUMBER 5355)