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The StratoLauncher IV Ultimate Kit includes a water rocket launcher made of mostly metal, fitted with a tilting ball head, pressure gauge, alloy quick release, StratoFins, and tank connector with valve (buy 2 gal. tank sprayer here). Assembly is quick and easy with no further adjustments required regardless if you use our StratoFins or your own homemade rocket or FTC (Fluorescent Tube Cover) rocket thanks to the screw-on nozzle. Employing a nozzle makes this a universal launcher for most any style water rocket and eliminates problems like bottles not fitting a launch tube, O-rings wearing out, or accidental launches due to falling collars. Easy to assemble metal water rocket launcher with a 125 PSI safety valve. Rocket will NOT fly straight without an aerodynamic nose cone made from a 2nd soda bottle. Use only 1 cup (237 ml) of water. Fill funnel to the brim and stop. Kit includes StratoLauncher IV, StratoFins, ball head, pressure gauge, Q-Connect w/valve (tank sprayer not included). StratoLauncher IV Ultimate will propel a 2 liter plastic (PET) soda pop bottle over 350 ft. in the sky. Supports most .5L, 1L, 1.25L, 2L soda bottles @ air pressures as low as 15 PSI up to 120 PSI. Kit is fully upgradeable, expandable, & can be accessorized into a complete launching system for STEM.