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THE CUTTING EDGE OF QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE From living rooms to flying fields and almost everywhere in between, Blade® helicopters and drones are designed to deliver the most rewarding experience possible, whatever your skill level might be. Whether you're a first-time or an advanced pilot, there's a Blade model for you. See for yourself what it's like to fly on the edge with Blade. The Blade® Inductrix™ ultra-micro drone is part jet and part quadcopter. Its innovative design and technologies make it possible to fly just about anywhere with a performance edge that makes your flight experience more fun. Four specially tuned EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) rotors give this modern quad performance that feels incredibly smooth with far less noise than conventional propellers. The durable airframe with rotor housings prevents damage to the rotors whether it bumps into walls or falls into the grass. Brilliant LED orientation lights and a sleek body design help keep you going in the right direction. Innovative and always-on SAFE® technology with pitch and bank angle limits plus self-leveling makes staying in control easy – even if it's your first flight ever. This beginner-friendly ultra-micro drone is a perfect first RC model for nearly anyone, and even experienced pilots will enjoy being able to fly it nearly anywhere. Durable, capable, and easy to fly, the Inductrix is a great choice for almost every pilot!